Individual Therapy

It’s not unusual to feel stuck and turn to therapy after trying to problem solve on your own. Or after attempting to act on the well meaning advice of friends with no productive results.  Friends often give advice according to what has worked for them but that doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for you. That’s because you are unique.  We are all unique and think, act, behave, and feel differently. Therapy helps in  learning to handle challenges in a way that works for the individual, the unique you.  

Challenges can come from current changes and events or they might have existed for a long period of time. In individual therapy, we focus on your needs of symptom relief, problem solving or life changes. Together we examine your individual needs, concerns and/or challenges; who you are as a unique individual, what coping skills have worked for you before, what hasn’t and why. We explore what is getting in your way of progress.

Working with a therapist allows the client to open up, talk and work on things they wouldn’t necessarily share with others. A therapist is skilled and trained to be objective and use their expertise on helping to find your answers and heal your wounds.

Individual therapy can be a few sessions dealing with immediate issues or can continue longer when dealing with complex and longstanding distress. Together we determine goals and arrangements for how often and how long to meet.