Sex Therapy

What is Sex Therapy? It is not unusual to suffer from common sexual dysfunctions such as anorgasmia, low libido, pain, “performance” anxiety, lack of comfort in the sex act…And it’s not unusual to think that something is wrong with us and we are alone in our distress. After all, talking about our sex life is not common dinner table conversation.

Sex Therapy is talk therapy for either/both couples and individuals. We look at your current difficulties and your past sex history. And most especially we debunk the sexual myths that have taught us what sex looks like, how it should be and what we want from it. In sex therapy we investigate questions like: Why doesn’t sex just flow naturally? Why can everyone else (we think) orgasm, enjoy sex, hold an erection? Why don’t I want to have sex? Why is sex all I think about? And so on.

With sex therapy, we start with communication. I believe if we have difficulty with communication - feeling heard, able to express our wants and needs, arguing in a way that is non-constructive - then we definitely won’t be able to communicate in the bedroom. So let’s start there!

As well as in-session talk therapy, homework and exercises will be given.

Everyone deserves a pleasurable sex life. Let’s work together on getting you there.