Couples Therapy


Relationships are a dynamic of two; what affects one partner in the relationship will affect the other and thus affect The Relationship. Therefore, in Couples Therapy, The Relationship is the client. The three of us work together to understand the wounds The Relationship is suffering, how to feed The Relationship, how to honor it and how to heal those wounds.

Couples Therapy helps couples in a diversity of ways: Some couples come in when their relationship is in crisis; others find themselves stuck in an endless repetition of the same problem with no resolution. And still others come as a last resort to save or end the relationship.

Employing Couples Therapy in the early stages of a difficult challenge can open doors of communication and problem solving, heading off the possibility of getting stuck.  Premarital counseling provides guidance in the examination of individual value systems and decision making about core areas of a marriage including finances, children, career moves, religion, sex, intimacy, and family of origin.

Many stressors can affect relationships by creating obstacles in the road, keeping the relationship stuck and creating feelings of resentment. Some stressful contributors can be lack of emotional or physical intimacy, broken trust, the birth of a child, changing or losing a job, moving, illness, family of origin, finances, crisis, becoming an empty nester, shifts in lifestyles.

Couples Therapy addresses these concerns through learning and creating specific skills, renewing empathy and connection with one another and most importantly, learning and applying the cornerstone of couples work, communication.