Group:  Exploring Sexuality



SEX can be hard to talk about especially when it comes to our own  personal concerns. What is promoted in the media, what we hear from friends or others, might leave us thinking of our own sexuality as less than, too much, not normal, untapped. Thus we find ourselves isolated in our experience, confusion, and beliefs about how we view ourselves as sexual beings.

What is sexuality?
Sexuality is an integral part of us. It is the capacity for sexual feelings, sexual activity, sexual character. It is the quality or state of being sexual. If you were to make a pie chart and label it My Unique Self and include slices of the integral components that make you who you are, what size is the slice labeled My Sexual Self and is it how big/small as you want it to be?

In this group, you will examine your own sense of sexuality and experience the support of others who share common feelings and challenges. Each session will provide sexual education, exploration and sharing by group members. Home exercises are processed in the sessions.

The group consists of 4-8 women and is bound by confidentiality. The small group size promotes comfort and safety in which to explore this most personal subject. We will explore the categories that apply to the core concerns of the group members such as sexual myths, inhibitions,  eroticism and sensuality, sex and communication, body image, libido, orgasm, trauma, personal boundaries, and pain.

“Exploring Sexuality” runs twice a year in late winter and early fall, meeting one day per week for 10 weeks. If you are interested in participating in this group, please contact me.